I have a job interview tomorrow for an Italian restaurant named "Johnny Carinos". When I sent in the application yesterday the manager asked me to stay so she could talk to me. Afterwards she told me to come back for an interview on Friday.

What should I be expecting? I don't want to go in not knowing how to answer specific questions. I just want to nail this interview.
Be prepared for a "tell me about yourself" type of question.
I've been through a McDonalds interview, and an interview with a large corporation. They were both 10 minute "tell me about yourself" interviews, and I scored both jobs, somehow...
Are you going for a waiter position? If so, better learn the menu.
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Tell her you have a small army of armed robbers that will protect the store, if not, destroy it and set it on fire.

Than walk away.

No but srsly, don't fret cuz you'll be talking with a lot of people and handling their food.

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smile with your eyes

don't slouch.

it's a restaurant...how hard could the questions be?
worst case scenario they ask you what you would do in situations with unruly patrons.
Best case: tell me about yourself. then just be honest
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Johnny Carinos doesn't make very good food.

Money is money, man.
At a time like this I always give the advice 'just sit back and bullshit your way through it.'
Be honest with your answers,and be confident in yourself.People can sense someone who is confident without being boastful.Most of all relax and be yourself,they need you to work for them!
lucky for you, i'm an expert at giving advice for acing job interviews. just ask Jon777.

show up late. this makes you not seem desperate. you are desperate, but you must not let them realize that. if you seem desperate, they'll probably think you are a loser. again, you are, but don't let them know.

now, you need to dress properly. dressing properly gives the right first impression. you only get one, so make it count. the number one thing must employers look for in a potential employee is someone that is fun, with not being a pushover being a close second. nothing says "i'm fun" like a good costume. but you need a costume that also say "i'm no pushover, i can take charge!" now, think of the first thing that comes to mind when you think that. if you answered "lion" you are wrong. the only correct answer is a bull Cape buffalo American bison (this is a better choice for in America, and still pretty awesome). those things mean business. this shows you are assertive and don't let anyone **** with you.

handshake is important. as hard as possible. make sure to put your palm face down. this shows that you are confident in your abilities and doesn't afraid of anything. look deep into their eyes. make them think that you intend to kill them if they don't give you the job. speak loudly and angrily. keep your dick back erect the whole time. stand tall and proud. don't let them question you. the second they say something you don't like, punch their shoulder. employers want employees that don't take crap from anyone.

if they ask you to tell them about yourself, tell them this, word for word:

"i grew up in a small town out West. my parents were outlaws. i spent my days running from the bison and my nights running from Johnny Law. grew up listening to Jimmy Bryant and Speedy West. my parents told be that's how fast i'd have to run to get away. when i got to be 18, i went up to live in Alaska as a lumberjack. no daylight, cold, bleak. it was a good life. until the Kodiak bears ate everyone. i managed to get away clinging to life in one hand, and a dozen Kodiak pelts in the other. now i'm looking for a new beginning, something simple and quiet."

do this, and the job will be yours, assuming they don't die out of fear.
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This applies to ANY job interview, although often, its not needed...
Learn all you can about the company.

Tell yourself "I don't give a shit if I get this job".
But don't appear that way to them.
The point of that is it you will be less nervous. At least that worked for me many times.
"Tell me about yourself."
"Why do you want to work for us?"
"Why should we hire you?"
"When's the last time you've come in conflict with a customer/coworker, and how did you handle it?"
"What is your biggest weakness?"
"What are your hobbies?"

These are the most common questions, and you need to be prepared when you answer them. It is a good idea to formulate a rough answer now, then keep practicing in front of the mirror until your voice no longer shakes and your posture and facial expressions are relaxed.

A general tip to answer the questions is to place the company/shop before yourself. With the exception of the 'hobbies' question, your answer to each question should give them the idea that your serving their interests.

Prepare questions to ask them. Ask about what direction the company is going, etc. Even if it is just a restaurant, it shows you are interested in its success.

Dress shirt and dress pants/khakis are appropriate in general. Arrive 15 min early so you can get comfortable with the surrounding environment.

Solid hand shake, hold eye contact, and smile. Sit up straight, but don't be too mechanical.

You're gonna realize that a lot of this feels forced and fake. That's job interviews pal. Even you're interviewer will know you're not everything you say you are. Nonetheless, it's important to keep up appearances. Just don't go overboard. Good luck.
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If she asks the unruly customer question, say "I'd ask the customer if there was anything I could do to help, and if they remain unruly, get a manager/supervisor"

I answered with that, and she came. Everywhere.

Yes, poop.
First impressions are very important, dress smart.

Give a firm handshake and a friendly smile.

Make eye contact whilst you are listening and talking.

No fiddling, contain a good posture

Practice in the front of the mirror (silly I know but it works) Map out what you're going to say about yourself and why you should get the job. Have it practiced enough that you are confident, you don't want to be stuttering your words although I would recommend not making it sound like an essay. Act natural mannnnn

Nerves are natural and keep you on your toes so don't worry.

Don't be afraid to ask questions at the end!

Hope you get the job TS.
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What I did is get to know the person who does the hiring for 17 years, then fill out an application. It worked for me, and it CAN work for YOU!
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Johnny Carinos doesn't make very good food.

I'm gonna come to your house, sneak into your bedroom, and take you to my local one. Best bread ever... ever... and he soup is amazing and I have never had a bad dish there. Maybe we just have a good one, but it is AMAZING.

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