dont know anything about drums but

Full spec:
13"' (330mm) x 11" (279mm) Tom with 12 lugs
- 16" (406mm) x 16"' (406mm) Floor Tom with 12 lugs
- 22"(559mm) x 14" (356mm) Bass Drum with 16 lugs
- 14" (356mm) x 6.5" (465mm) Metal Snare Drum with 8 lugs (chrome finish)
- 1 Cymbal Stand (double-braced).
- 1 Hi-Hat Stand (double-braced).
- 1 Snare Stand (double-braced).
- 1 Drum Throne (double-braced).
- 1 Bass Drum Pedal.
- 1 Pair of 14" (356mm) Hi-Hat Cymbals.
- 1 18" (457mm) Crash Ride Cymbal.
- 1 Pair of Drum Sticks.
- Shell material 9-ply basswood.
- 12" (305mm) x 10" (254mm) Tom with 12 lugs

decent drum set?...
Basswood is cheap so I'd assume it's not great. What company makes it?
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It's enough to get you started. Who's the manufactuer? And if you want a ride and crash, you may want to thinking about hitting up ebay for a cheap crash/ride and cymbal stand
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Seems like a pretty standard kit, but as Niiko said you should probably invest in a cheap ride or crash as well. Do you have a link to what kit it is?
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