So my friend gave me a lend of his line 6 UX2.

I've installed all the drivers and authorised my computer and the pod on line 6 monkey.

I downloaded Podfarm 2 off the Line 6 website although every time I try to open it, it states "no pod farm 2 license found" so now I'm only limited to the trial version.

I thought because if I authorise the hardware that I could download the full podfarm 2.0. Is this not the case? Do I need to buy it separately?
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no. yes.

i mean I'm pretty sure 'no' you cannot download full pod farm without paying and 'yes' you need to buy it separately. the license i believe is tied to a PC (MAC address) the first time it is initiated.

i think
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it should have came with some code or sometihng or some what to regirster it if you bought it off the website i would think
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