So, if nobody has been paying attention to any of my posts, I got fired today, so I unleashed my anger in the form of this song. Tuned to drop B, cranked the amp HARD, gain all the way, and let er rip. It's still not written perfectly, but it's produced to my standard of quality, which is beast quality.

Tone too aggressive? Need more changes? Drums suck? Fix the ending riff moron? Any criticism you can think of.

Thanks, yeah, I didn't know what to do for the ending, need to work on that.

I'm just using DrumTrack for my drum programmer, it's free, and it's pretty basic and easy to use, I uploaded my own sounds into so it would sound a bit better, but this track wasn't written specifically for this song. I've been a tad bit lazy and haven't felt like writing new drum tracks. So I just re-purpose the old tracks, cause I know how to just imporv over the same beat.