hey i need some opinions, im in need to buy a new amp, my 4 year old raven rg20 is failing on me. i play in a thrash/metalcore/deathcore band as lead guitarist and songwriter, and i need something to be able to match a metal drummer and be loud enough & still be able to be clean at high volumes for club/BOTB shows. i need a great clean sound, nothing bright but for dark, mellow clean intros which i write alot. i dont care about overdrive since i have pretty much a quality tonal setup, with a boss mt-2/ml-2 on deck. but the drive channel should be good for rock tones like pink floyd/zeppelin/the cars/tool. so far ive considered the Randall KH75, the peavey vypyr tube 60, the marshall MG101fx, the blackstar HT club 60. what do??
I played the 50watt version of the marshall you are looking at today, and the high gain sounded really bad. For the most part I hear a lot of the mg series are not very good. Blackstar has good overdrive setting but you will need to use your pedal to get deathcore tones out of it. I have no experience with Randalls. The vyper I hear is good, but don't really know much about it.
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All I can say is that you should try them all out. As for the MG series, weren't they recently superceeded?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.