I'm a jazz guitar major in collage, I've been playing for years. But for the life of me I can't get a strong lead out of the frets above 12 on my gibson firebird. My guitar tech says that the magnet in my neck pickup is too strong and kills sustain? is this robbing me of my leads? I played a G&L tele the other day and i was just killing it on the higher frets and it sounded great, so im assuming(hoping) its not my playing. I replaced my strings and it helped a little.

Does anyone else have this problem/solutions?
Maybe, if you are not using much gain, or have a very clean tone, you can lack sustain with high output pickups....with a few exceptions, I get excellent sustain clean or distorted with my BKP Trilogy Suites, and they put alot of high output humbuckers to shame for single coils.

It depends on the pickup really, but you could also have worn frets, they can cause high spots that can cause sustain to be lessened.
strong magnets in high output pickups do kill sustain. If you could jazz up some smooth leads on another guitar its not technique related problem. You could check your frets too, and, if their uneven they could kill the note righ after ringing ot. To check that try raising your action. If nothing changes - its your pups
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before changing anything, examine the problem without an amp... play unplugged and listen carefully. How does it feel and sound at higher frets compared to lower?

The guitar should sing and sustain at the high frets just like the rest of the neck.

If not.... the first thing to address is proper guitar setup, (your pickups might be fine).

OTOTH if the problem seems to only happen during amplification, then you have narrowed it down to PUPs maybe or something else in the signal chain.
good luck