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Well, ladies and gents. as most of you may know, i have made a "Jillard Guitars Thread" for all my normal builds.

This is not a normal build.

I have the opportunity and honor to build a guitar for Ben Worcester of a band called "Said The Whale" They have been a favorite band of mine for some time now, so being able to build a guitar for them is kind of surreal.

anyways, on to the specs of the guitar:

Mahogany back+neck
Flamed Koa top
ebony fretboard
ebony headstock veneer
Custom Inlays: Robin infront of the big dipper on headstock, blue whale at 12th
filtertron pickups
1v,1t, 3 way toggle.

mockup (yay kisakea)

anyways, i started this today, but the bulk of the work will start in 2 weeks time.

enjoy =]

-Jay J
Goona be awsome as always...Good luck..can't wait to see it finished!
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Me neither! =P

inlay wont happen until the first week of september.. i need new pearl cutting saw blades. i broke all my old ones lol.

i think today il work on the neck a little.. just a little tho.. i also have to finish 3 cajons, pack, and go to a show and pick up 3 of my guitars that bands are using.
Thats what happens when you build quality instruments and let people borrow them

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Hey guys, I'm back from camp, for good this time. got home to see a couple packages =]

one was all the hardware and parts for this build, the other was from hawaii.. =]

heres the guitar as it stands now, body+neck (neck ahs jsut been scarf jointed.)

now it's time to join the top, hes a pretty simple setup thats great to use for joining thin bookmatched tops.

basicall its a big sheet of mdf, with a strait edge clamped on either edge. one strait edge is on a slight angle inwards from the other. then i taped down a sheet of waxed paper.

spread some glue on on peice, spread it evenly with my finger.

then i place the peices in, line them up, and push them in. the slight angle on the ont strait edge will push the peices together really tightly. getting a smooth, clean joint, withotu worrying about the thing peices bending upwards with the clamping pressure.

voila, heres a decent shot of the peice i'm using.

okiedoke. time for some fun stuff!

heres the top just resting on the body.

then i through it in this jig, really simple jig that easily clamps tops to bodies evenly and without stress. this one is drilled to do both lps and teles. highly reccomend building one.

voila, comes out real nice.

in other news, i routed the trus rod channel, radiused the fretboard, and then slotted it.

now, this wasn't a part of the original design, but it was an earlier inlay idea we were throwing around. he decided he wanted it on the fretboard, with the bird/big dipper on the headstock. i said sure.

its a blue whale.. or a humpback.. i'm not sure. but it looks cool.

some mop i got my hands on (stuff is expensive)

grabebd a peice, layed out my cuts

and, this is where i'm at now. jsut a small bit of filing to do to the pearl, then i'm ready to inlay.
this looks so amazing! My only question is what jig are you talking about? im looking into building a few les pauls in the future and i would love anything that will make it turn out nicer.
thanks guys, just came back from a said the whale show! it was unreal. anyways, i met with ben afterwards and discussed a few things, so now this will not be having a pickgaurd. other than that i just got prefered enck dimensions and stuff.

and the jig i was talkign abotu is this: i thought i posted a pic but i didn't

^Ha! Looks like your plywood is flamed...

I wish there was a way of getting basically any koa over here in the EU.
well, made some progress. got the inlay sanded down, looks unreal.. but.. i forgot to snap a pic before it was covered in clamps =P have to wait until later.

got the ehadstock ears glue on... even tho they are used very minimally. (my new headstock shape is sick, can;t wait to show you guys)

fretboard clamped on

bird inlay cut out of figured mop
Thats so bad ass. and thanks for the jig picture. i totally understand now and iint will let me use my clamps for other things while i glue tops!! how thick is your ply? 1/2 or 3/4?
I have the same allen multi wrench. (Above the Neck on the first picture)

Oh, nice fretboard by the way.
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Lookin' good.
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Jason, I have to build that Jig now....

Thank you for being so amazing

I had a similar idea for a neck laminate clamping jig involving 3 bench vises and a couple of 1/2" planks.
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Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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