Well, I'm having an 'ever-so-slight' problem with my fretting hand, I can't reach 16ths at 200bpm, I can only get to about 185-190bpm, However, my picking hand is fine I can do 200bpm comfortably. So any advice or tips on catching up to my right (picking) hand?

Also any advice on getting my picking hand to tap faster?
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Don't worry about it.

Relax. Practice. Focus on something else for a while, then come back to it.
Don't chase the numbers; they're meaningless anyway and setting speed goals is ultimately detrimental to your overall playing as well.

You cannot directly improve speed: it's not a skill, it's a result of other skills. Improve your technique and speed will take care of itself.

What you need to work on is being relaxed and making smaller movements.
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Play "The flight of the bumble bee"! Start slowly and then increase your speed. This one really helped me