I was wondering what i exactly need in order to record my guitar and put it on my computer for editing. I have a line 6 spider amp with a phones/record out jack. Do i need a specific kind of cable to hook up from the amp to the computer? How exactly does all this work. Any products you would recommend that are cheap? If i could record my guitar, i would use programs like audacity or maybe even vegas pro even though thats a video editor. If im missing any info just ask me for it.
If you want some quick info, you'll need something to transfer the sound from the Amp to the computer. I would recommend the Line 6 UX1 if you're just starting out. It will match with your amp, and while it doesn't give a lot of options it does a decent job. Then you'll need a recording program, and for that I recommend Sony Acid Music Studio. Very easy to use, and if you're just starting out you want something simple.