Im looking for a new amp and im wondering what I should get.
Amp- marshall ma100h
Guitar- gibson les paul studio deluxe 60's
The amp is for gigging and band practice
It should have an effects loop (preferably ok if it doesnt)
And it should have at least 2 channels clean and obviously distortion
I want it to put out a heavy sound such as pantera/mettalica
Also it must be a TUBE AMP
P.S. would it be ok for me to take this new amp head and plug it into my marshall ma412 cab, even if the heads not marshall?
thanks for reading all of this
What's your budget?
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Unless I missed it you left out one of the most important details. Your budget.

And yes you could plug a new head into the ma cab as long as you match the ohms (4, 8, or 16) but idk how good the ma cab is as ive never used it though im gonna assume you can do better. I wont reccommend any amps until I see a budget but its probably gonna be wise to sell the entire stack and get a combo.