Over the next year i will be looking for a amp to replace my Line 6 Spider IV 30 watt amp. I am looking to get a new amp for college seeing as i am going to be a freshman and i need a all tube amp that has a nice clean and nice distortion sound (already own a tube screamer for that extra push ) Im looking for something with low wattage so i dont get kicked out of my dorm for playing too loud. My budget is probaly $250 added to the money from the sale of my Line 6. I play everything from Avenged Sevenfold to some classic jimi hendrix.

im currently looking at the VHT Special 6 6w amp.
You're going to need a headphone out to play any kind of amp in college.

Perhaps a used Vypyr Tube 60 would fit the bill.
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Everyone goes for small amps for college for some reason...I currently have a 65W valve head sitting next to me in my dorm, and no one seems to mind.

On topic however, I haven't played the Special 6, but I was thinking about getting it as well, before I decided to just go for broke and get my Egnater for college instead. I'd say play it and find out. The Vypyr is also a good idea, simply for the versatility, especially when combined with the Sanpera footswitch.