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Corporate. I'll take the cheap prices and shopping convenience.
16 44%
Local/Small business. I prefer supporting local businesses.
20 56%
Voters: 36.
Pit, what's your take on going local and choosing small businesses that are close by, i.e. the mom and pop pizza joint down the street that's been around since forever, farmers markets, family owned grocery stores, etc. As opposed to going to Safeway or Pizza Hut or whatever.

Obviously, you go to different stores for different products because of sales trends, etc., but as a general motivation in your buying, which way do you go?
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Mom and pop places are cheaper and the food is better in my experiences.

this. i've got a dozen pizza places within 5 minutes of my house that are better than any chain.
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Internationally shipped fruits and vegetables scare me. GMO food and inorganic foods as well.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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I thought you hated capitalism?

Supporting small businesses over corporations is inimical to anti-worker actions carried out by places like Walmart (such as driving down urban retail wages $4.7 billion annually).
I would, but I am 15 and still live at home. My parents think that supporting large corporations is the right thing to do, and they often try to force it on me. Small businesses aren't as good to them and Walmart is a great corporation because they support "what every American supports". Whenever I do say something back about it, they respond with, "McDonald's and Walmart are amazing because each one started with one man with a dream to make money, and he had the freedom to do so. This is what makes America better than anywhere else!"

/generic slipknot5678 complaining. Anyway, once I move out, I'm going to.
I personally don't have much opinion on the matter, but you should also bear in mind if you support a local family run shop, you're supporting 2-4 people max probably. Shop at a chain shop you are supporting somewhere that employs probably 3-4 times as many people, as well as a massive number of off-site staff.
I don't think it's as clear-cut a moral issue as people often think.

In any case, personally I go to the best and cheapest place nearby, like most people.
The only real choice I made was last year I was equally close to a Morrisons or Co-op and shopped at the Co-op as I know they're a very nice company with a lot of ethical practices.
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You should then tell your parents that the cigarette companies also started out as a man with a dream to make money (kill people).
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You should then tell your parents that the cigarette companies also started out as a man with a dream to make money (kill people).

He should tell his parents that Nazi Germany started as a man with a dream to make his country great (kill jews).
I go to whatever place does its job better. Say it was a pizza place. If Pizza Hut was better (god forbid) than some small place, I'd go to Pizza Hut. No morals or other complicated issues.
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i've got two music stores that are in competition with each other and also in competition with both a Sam Ash about 15 minutes away (According to my driving) and a Guitar Center which just got put in about 15 minutes away (But in another state... Delaware, damn you, non-existent sales tax)

I really prefer going to West Chester Music; its got that cramped old-timey music store atmosphere, and, until recently, stocked the best gear in the area. Because of the GC which just got put in, they've had to reduce their stock and quality of amps, and it pisses me off...

... And Taylors? They're essentially the general music store, although they often get great guitars in used... But that's basically stopped happening with the new GC.
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I go to the store that is closest to my place of residence that doesn't have exorbitant prices.

Tell me who's that writin'...
I try my best to support small businesses when it's practical. You get to know the shop owners. They even start getting product in they know you'll purchase. For a small time record shop this rules. I don't even have to ask for niche music to be stocked because they know I come in and buy it.

Let me see any of the large chain music stores (fye, best buy, borders, barnes n noble) do that.

I've also worked at a small local business for 6 years now too. There's very little job turnover and job security is shaky at best unless you're essential personnel. And ever since Obama got elected we've had to downsize the work force on a consistent basis because of a few specific things he put into action.

Mom n pop food places are often cheaper than any of the chain restaurants. The other dude who said this knows what's up.

The local guitar shop I go to is run by 1 person now. He's deeply involved in the local music scene too. Not just some apathetic scene kid working a summer job at GC.
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If I want to buy CD's, I always drive thirty minutes to a local record store in Minneapolis called The Electric Fetus. They're a bit smaller than a cheapo, and the prices aren't always the same, but the sales staff is friendly and will always check the back for a CD I'm looking for.

Plus Bob Dylan wore an Electric Fetus shirt when he played the Grammys a few years back so it's a pretty badass place.
I buy guitar strings (and a guitar once) at the store down the road because I like the guy and we talk about music but he obviously can't stock as big a range as the major chain guitar store so when I bought my electric i went to the major chain.

Moral of the story: small and big stores both have their benefits.
Walmart is great. No small business will let you return things like walmart does.
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