Hey UG, I didn't know if I should post this in Guitar Gear and Accessories or not, so I just decided to stick to the Pit. I'm moving into college next week and am super stoked. I plan on using this opportunity to improve my guitar playing and overall musicianship by learning how to play piano. I know how to play a few things and some chords but really want to take the time to learn how to play keys. SO what I'm getting at is if I have a $300 budget or so and want to get something to learn on but that could also be used for MIDI or recording or would be somewhat decent to use live what should I go for? I would be using alot of organ tones most likely if that means anything...and I would be playing prog, hard rock, and blues
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It's not that bad. Of course there is more interesting stuff, but don't force too much "interesting stuff" in a song. It will sound unnatural.

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Yeah, trying too hard will make you sound like Between the Buried and Me.