Well I assume it is EQ ...(first post btw plz go easy on me lol) ...anyway I been mixing/mastering for about 2-3 years now..but I have never wrapped my head around the sound effect Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage uses...(ex.would be on the breakdown in My Curse or the chorus in Arms Of Sorrow) ...I've searched around the net and saw a lotta people say just mess with the EQ, but no define answer (or at least relatively close) I was just wondering if anyone has accomplished this, and if so, willing to share.

Thanks to anyone who helps (or tries to)
i actually have that as a preset on one of my EQs. i believe thats simply just boosting upper lows, and upper mids, while cutting the rest. you can add a little fuzz/distortion to it, but i would advise against that. its mostly an EQ trick. i'm not at the correct computer to check which it actually is, but i can tomorrow if this wasn't it (i'm going by memory). let me know if you need me to check it
Sounds like its getting there ...of course depending on what is being sung little adjustments would be made..but basically you got it ..thank you very much..