I have found unusual offer on our guitar internet selling place and found this guitar for about 170 dollars new. Here (http://www.japan-discoveries.com/in...&products_id=60 http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRASSROOTS-...k-/280638634018) is the info and pictures of it actually, for quite a lot of money, almost similar as my New Warbeast WMD (maybe because only the signature status?)

The guitar should be from Korea or Japan and I am still thinking about buying that as a back up guitar or even as a decoration lol.

Although I am not a fan of licenced tremolos, I like the neck through here, even it is somewhat strange (see pictures, you will know what I mean) and humbucker and single coil pickups, although they with not be miracle for sure.

I am wondering if somebody did play this guitar and have experience with others cheap and expensive guitars. I really love my Warbeast WMD which is also Korean model (hell, I love it more than Jacksons from Japan for 2000 USD, I could play on), so this might not be total shit too. But some people like the Grass Root ( quality wise compared to LTD 200 models cca), others are hating it.

What are your opinion. If the neck is nice, even the investment for Schaller tremolo and 2x EMGs would be fine in future, I would say.
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