I'm currently playing my PRS in drop A# with an 80-14 set of strings on it. My RGD should be here in a week. What gauge strings should I be using to get a similar, maybe perhaps maybe even a bit looser, tension out of the Ibanez tuned to drop G? That's going from a 25.5" to 26.5" scale length.

Looking at some 7 string packs online, I see a lot of light and regular gauge string sets. Does no one make a heavy or bottom heavy set?
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Man you tune low. I've got a 7 string tuned down a half step to Bb, and it's only a 25.5" scale (Ibanez) but I use really light strings. I've got like 10 - 56 on there. xD

Anyways, I don't know, but at a guess I would say the fact that you're tuning down a little further but have got the extra inch of tension that with the same gauge set of strings you'd get the same kind of tension as your PRS. So maybe go slightly lighter, like 13 to 72 or something? You *may* need to buy some single strings to get the right gauges you want, I dunno. I only really use elixirs and they don't do much for heavy gauge strings - I don't know about other companies.
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13-56 like a real man.

Tune to C standard/Drop Bb, and sometimes Bb standard for a few covers.
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wth drop a with 80-14? thats unnecissary. i have a 13 set and my tuners start to creak in B standard, great for drop G# though
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