Trees were uprooted and smashed into things, there was hailing and lots and lots of wind and rain. One of the stages collapsed and at least two died, and the remainder of the festival has been cancelled. I was lucky to be at the camping grounds near my tent at the time, but some of my friends were at the festival grounds and saw shit falling onto people.

Worst of all, the organisation really wasn't prepared for something like this, and we never received any information or communication from them. For example at one point after the storm there were several stands handing out warm coffee, whilst a friend of mine was shivering and hyperventilating and we were looking for dry blankets to cover her.

There, glad to get that off my chest.
God damn adbots!!

sorry to hear that man, hope you and your friends stay safe
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Got a couple of friends there. He hasn't answered my text yet. Five people have died. :/
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what's up with all these stages collapsing? this is the second one i've heard this week..
they should really make them a bit stronger.

Not the stage. It's the horrendous weather as of late. Had two mates there and they're both on their way back to the UK now, gutted, but ok. Props to the organizers for cancelling it, though, but there's no way it could've carried on really.
A festival I was meant to be at last weekend got cancelled due to weather too. Nothing like that though, just flooding, but still (quite apart from the death and all) I know it sucks for a festival to be cancelled.

Looking through their line-up, lots of the bands were meant to be at the cancelled one I was going to too.

And yeah, obviously sad times for those injured.
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they should really make them a bit stronger.

You should look on youtube,
This wasn't an ordinary storm, it was like a 15 min during rainstorm/windstorm
I nearly got crushed by a massive tree while I was seeking shelter.

There was so bad weather announced but this was unexpected.
If they would have known it would be this bad, they would have cancelled it no doubt.

Rip to all the people who have died and much support to the people who lost someone they loved
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What's with all these stages collapsing?

I was just thinking that. I'll be keeping a close eye on the weather for future festivals just in case...
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I was just thinking that. I'll be keeping a close eye on the weather for future festivals just in case...

Yeah but normally it's only lot's of rain for 10 min but now it was thunder, small pieces of ice, big branches of trees flying by, so unreal.
Normally the bad weather was announced as code orange but I think this could be classified as a code triple black. 25 year old trees don't get ripped out of the ground that fast...
I was there, I swear it's the closest to hell I've ever been.
It about hit it's peak when I was on the campsite with one of the people I was with. I turned around and saw a big-ass lighting post buckle over onto a couple of tents. After that I luckily found some shelter near the foodstands.
My thoughts are with the families of the people that lost their lives and all the people that got injured.
The thing that freaked me out is that the weather turned from scorching sun to biggest storm I've seen in about 5 minutes. Got a ton of bruises from the hailstones that came down.
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