I have been playing guitar for 2 years and I LOVE rockabilly music. All those fancy solos, and feeling... However, I dont really know how I could kind of learn to play this style, and possibly be able to make up solos, and impro, and just generally being good in the style. Later I wanna find a band, and possibly join and play with them, but right now I feel I should just get good at this style and learn many things about it on my own. How can I do this? Just learn songs and it will all come by itself? I know about Travis picking by the way (I am also into Tommy Emmanuel stuff), so I am used to playing like that, and also I can play some rhythm stuff, but the improvisation and solos... uhh.. thats another thing . So will it all come by itself after learning songs? Oh by the way, I ONLY have an acoustic guitar, and I have no money for an electric at the moment . Is that a problem? I will never get the same sound from an acoustic, but will I still be able to learn the solos, rhythm and all on an acoustic? Thanks
I couldn't tell you the first thing about it, but my friend plays shred in his personal time, but was offered to play in a rockabilly band, and he just learnt the songs and picked up the style through playing it.

Just do it like that, would be my advice.


You would be able to do most of it on an acoustic. Playing some of the solos on an acoustic might be pretty difficult, but you could definitely play most of the stuff.
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