Hey there guitar people. I'm not the most knowledgeable guitar Boffin in the world, but I'm digging jazz at the no. What's a good jazzy guitar for under $1000? I'm looking at the made in Mexico standard tele or an epiphone dot 335. Heeeeelp meeee please
i would go for A epeiphone dot 335 a nice warm sound and has got amazing pickups but the washburn hollowbodys are ****ing awsome they sound really sexy and i love mine
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Ibanez Artcore Custom 103. Amazing guitar. You can find one used for like 600 and its a steal at that price man.
A Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin, or Kingpin II is worth trying out in my opinion.

The Epiphone Emperor "Joe Pass" guitaris an inexpensive type of a jazz guitar by some.
apparently the dot is a great guitar...and if your budget is 1000 then you can easily put in some new awesome pickups