I was looking to get a decent amp, since I don't have a good one actually.

Budget: MAX 500 euro. Actually I have 200.

Genres: mainly rock and metal. Fav bands are Judas priest, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne (so zakk wylde), black sabbath, medageth, pantera, acdc, led zeppelin.

New/used: well...It depends on what we're talking about. Of course a 150 euro used on ebay instread of i 500euro new I'll go for the used

Home or gig: I started only 6 months ago to play guitar, so actually home. But I would really like to go for some gigs as soon as I'll be able to play good enought. So maybe a good amp for home/small-medium gigs.

Closest city: Cossato, Biella and if there's nothing worth buying there, I should go to Merula, a big store in my region. But it's quite far.

Actually I have a schecter Blackjack ATX C-1

In the store nearest to my home, I found this amp (rocktron rt80), new, and he's selling it for 280 new (instread of 520 euro or something like that).

He said it's a good quality amp and it may be ok even for some gigs. But I want some more opinions about it. As long as it is really discounted, I would go for it if it's a good deal.
The sellers opinion doesn't count, as long as he only wants my money

He has also a peavey bandit 112 (for 300 eurs) and a marshall MG50 (for 400 eurs), both new.
I've been told marshall mg is not good.

Thanks for any help!

and again, sorry for my bad english.

P.S: I didn't try that amp yet. And I know almost nothing about amps.
i haven't played that particular model but the rocktrons i have played were pretty terrible imho. also theres no way you could even have band practice with that, let alone gig.

actually it might be able to do practices with, i thought it said 30, not 80
my stuff:
schecter c-1+
ibanez rg3exfm1
schecter avenger 7-string with emgs
esp/ltd mh-50
peavey 6505+ 112 combo
tc electronic polytune
way huge green rhino
mxr micro flange
mxr smart gate
dunlop crybaby
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Ok, so I'll stay away from that.

What about the peavey?
Or any other advices? Maybe something from ebay would be ok as well.