i liked it but it was super boring, i dunno if funeral doom is suppose to be like that but the constant whole notes made it uninteresting for me
It certainly captured a funeral doom feel in my opinion. It would be nice if another guitar or something came in and added a melody or riff however. As Amon mentioned, it started to get boring with only whole notes and with that same progression for so long.

I think that you might find some use for Neapolitan chords. They're a type of substitute chord that's generally used in minor keys and I think it has a pretty cool feel. I'm not sure if this means anything to you, but it's a major chord built on the lowered second degree (so bII). It's generally in first inversion and functions as a pre-dominant, so using it before the V chord works very well.

I'll provide a chord example and drop the vocab in case you don't have an extensive theory background.

Try playing this progression.
Cm - Ab - Db - G - Cm
(i - VI - bII - V - i)

The Db chord in that example is the neapolitan chord. Easiest way to find out what it would be in a key, is to take your key and go up a half step and make a major chord. If we we're in G minor, the neapolitan would be Ab major.

I'll put that example in a file and upload it.

I know that this is really more of a musician's talk type post but I'm just trying to help inspire and provide more ideas. Hope that's alright
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