I'd say esp ltd flying v guitars are the best I've played for that price. It depends on if you want a pointy METAL style one or a rounder more classic rock style.
If you want real help, try giving us a little more information (genre, amp, what you're wanting in a guitar, etc) Otherwise all you're getting is personal taste that doesn't mean anything.

So, for my 'personal taste' suggestion I would say a used faded Gibson Flying V. Hard to beat the original V
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Are you in the UK?

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so from $400-$660 USD?

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This is maybe the worst comparison in the history of comparisons.
metal is the genre i like and yes i am from the uk but i have heard the jackson v isnt bad
Jackson's are good. I would like something like a used RR3 or if you can't, maybe a used v 300 would be easier to find in your price range
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