That was good. When you do it for your show, don't let the looped rhythm part overpower the solo. That may just be a product of the recording for youtube, but that solo needs to shine through a bit more.
That is so nice my friend! Good job. The solo could be a little louder though but... Just great! Are you in regular tuning?
you're holding you guitar wrong


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Hey guys. Thanks for the comments. I agree with you on the level of the solo. It's definitely hard mixing with the loop pedal when I'm strumming all strings Forte Forte Forte and the doing a solo on single strings... I'm gonna have to fiddle around with the levels.

For looping I just use the boss rc-20xl. Gets the job done.

The tuning for this song is dsus2 so low to high its: D-A-D-E-A-D

I like to call it dead dad.