Does anyone know anything about the Richie Sambora Kramer Jersey Star reissue?
Do they still make them? All I could find on the net is they started making them in 2004.

I would love to buy one of these things, but they don't seem to be available anywhere. I can't find any on ebay.

I live in Australia. Does anyone have some ideas where I could pick one up?


Cheers Matt.
They stopped production on those a few years back. I looked into getting one for a while.... There is a site called Mean Street Guitars that does mainly Van Halen copies but I believe they sell used Jersey Stars and could make you a fairly accurate replica for a similiar price, even customize the specs and have it be a new guitar.
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That would be a great site if they updated it, and everything on it wasn't already sold.

Ebay has one or two every month or so. I, for some reason, really love that guitar, so I follow it when I remember to.