Mint condition Wolftone W20 20w class A valve amplifier head with matching 2x12 cabinet, Manchester.

£650 or part exchange for valve combo such as Peavey Classic/Delta, Fender Hod Rod/Blues, Laney VC30 - just ask.

Made in the early 2000's this is amp No. 6 out of the Wolftone workshop, all HAND MADE in England by ex-Trace Elliot engineers.
20 watts of Class A EL84 power with a half power switch to step down to 10 watts.

Reverb and tremolo built in.

Cabinet has two Celestion vintage 30's and is very well built with real leather top handles and steel side grips.
Castors have been added to the cabinet which makes it much easier to move!

Interviews with the makers suggest that they were trying to re-create the Matchless tone. The amp is very old school in its operation and it is easy to coax vintage rock and blues tones from it.
This is not a high gain amp!
The single tone control is very effective, wound full open it adds some extra gain. The amp is very responsive to input strength, roll off the volume on your guitar and it cleans up, use a clean boost and you get a roaring classic rock over drive. It will clean up but like all class A power stages it's happiest being driven to give natural power stage gain!

I play alternative rock/indie/shoegaze with it and it copes beautifully, I have also used it to play classic rock, blues, slide guitar blues and country and it blew me away, it takes good pedals well.

Beautiful to look at, beautifully made and in beautiful condition.

New Sovteks all round fitted last year from Watford Valves (they advised the Sovteks for this amp), 2 x Ecc83's in the front end and 2x EL84's in the power stage.
Blue LED's for standby and master - the master LED can take a while to come on - but it is just an aesthetic thing and could be fixed very easily if desired.

The half power switch is really useful for low volume practice and with the master volume you can play sensibly at home.

It is absolutely wonderful and I hate the thought of selling it but I lack the transport to use this amp in my new band as I have no car so I'm looking to buy a combo.

£650 as it's what I paid and it's only going to get more collectible.
I will consider trades/part exchanges for good valve combos around 20 - 30w as mentioned above.

Any questions - please ask.

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