Wtf is up with Gerard Depardieu!? http://www.gigwise.com/photos/66033/Gerard-Depardieu-Christian-Bale-Movie-Stars-Behaving-Badly

Surely he could have waited another 15 minutes to use the toilet!?

Got me thinking as to who is the best psycho movie star. Think Jack Nicholson takes some beating - there's been plenty of times I've wanted to smash someone's window with a golf club. What about everyone else?
i heard megan fox don't have no manners with the crew. they say hello and she ignores them. there was an article about it, one of the most moronic whinny butthurt things i've ever read.
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Colin Farrell or that australian guy who threw a telephone at somebody.

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Don't you have some tourists to beat up?

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Nah he's too busy feeling like a big man hitting women he knows to 'put them in their place'.
Christian Bale? He went mental at some guy on set of Terminator: Salvation and also was arrested after an argument with his mother and sister.
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Nobody's mentioned Charlie Sheen? Really?
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I love you.

Nobody can beat this man, if you dont know who he is... Shame on you.

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Nothing more annoying than pampered Hollywood stars whining about something that dosen't matter.
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Nobody's mentioned Charlie Sheen? Really?

Did you read the title? It said "Best". Not the biggest douchebag of the century.
Russell Brand.

He's just as muffed up as his Aldous Snow character.
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Yeah Charlie Sheen prob
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