I need drums for my original songs , but I don't have any drums or drummers around so I started to interest in those "fake" drum programs like superior drummer , EZ etc .
The thing is I dont have a clue how they work . Like what do I need to use these ? how do I write the drum tracks ? just by clicking on the drums lol ?

Anyway just help me out , thanks !
You need to have DAW software like cakewalk or cubase. Then you can load one up as a "virtual instrument". I think SD automatically detects what DAW you have and installs it into the VST folder, otherwise you'll have to copy it in there yourself. Then you need a midi song creation program like tuxguitar to write the drum track and once it's written export it as a midi file. Once you've done this, you can load it up into your DAW as a virtual instrument and one of the tracks should be the midi source, which you can then import your written midi track onto and it should work.

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