Say I was playing this:


and required switching to the high note really quickly. Do you guys:

A. Use the same finger for both notes and mute really quickly
B. Use index finger for the first note and middle finger for the second note and mute the first note by a combination of lifting off the finger and palm muting?
Sometimes I'll be needing the middle finger for another fret, but in most cases because I want my playing to be clean; B.
Both, depending on the situation, I'm currently spending a lot of time working on a Shawn Lane style pentatonic 5s run which works, at least for me, infinitely better with no rolling and using different fingers for the same fret on different strings. However a lot of the time on pedal tone licks I'll use the same finger and roll and of course I'll roll during the right kind of sweeps.

All depends on context, just like everything else.
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You cannot pick one or the other because you will need different methods in different situations depending on what you did before or what you have to do next.

It is worth looking up the rolling the finger technique. Its similar to what your say for A. But its more convenient, and very common.

But yeah, in conclusion, different methods will be more useful and more comfortable in different situations.