so me my uncle (my age, 19) and our friend have been writing musc together for a long time. since 07-08 somewhere around there. recently we started a band with these songs. we had no drummer at first so we jammed in our room with guitar pro drums then we found a drummer who pretty much split up the original members, we all eventually left and he continued with new players who couldnt really play up to par with what we wrote, its not even hard. plus the drummer sucked hella bad with keeping time. like he didnt know what tempo was or something. after we asked him not to continue with our music and he refused so we decided to copyright our songs and take him to court but the new members he had were druggies and they eventually just stopped entirely with the band. were from vegas and plan to start this up again but i myself moved to a different state so who knows when this will happen. if anything this will stay a recording project. check our the recorded ep on facebook.com/enyura. it was before everything went bad then after we left the guy recording us had the new players change some stuff. fags. our influence came from iktpq, we had no idea they would be a band again so our music was like a tribute to them.


Remember The Prom Queen- short repetitive song. named for as we hope to give you an iktpq vibe/feeling for every up coming song

Coping With this disease- written by our bass player when he found out he had diabetes. this song was written in o8 i believe and is the only song that weve kept over the years lol these other ones are new (2010) lyrically its changed over the years. we have a vide on youtube jamming this in the garage with our old line up.

Im A Failure, What Are You?- A peice i wrote all guitars parts for. drums done mainly by the other 2. check out our first recording of it on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXt6PHEakME dont mind the gay slide show. our vocalist posted it up and was way balls deep into the project lol i think the lyrics are about how all of us are losers/failures in our own way with not having done anything with our lives and dont see much good happening for us in the future and want better for the people who become our friends.

Sentinels- bass player had the main structure to this song. its decent but not that good imo. from what he had i just repeated some parts and slighty changed some riffs. jst something half assed really for our collection :P lyrically i have no idea what he wrote for this.

No Honor amongst thieves-lyrically again i have no idea lol i gues its the more catchy or best of the songs. we enjoy playing this te most especially for the back and forth solo at the end. again the bass player had riffs and a little structure. i added some leads, changed some riffs so it wasnt tooooooo repetitive etc

we plan to record all these plus many more from our own seperate libraries and our old project.

we dont think were the shit, we know theres alot better out there, were not the best composers, players, but we have fun with it and we dont expect to do much with this anymore besides copyrighting it just in case our old drummer tries to do something.

sorry if this was tooo much info/stuff to read. and if it isnt your taste or too generic or whatever. we wrote it, we like it but i juust wanna see what other people think cause hearing frm evryone in vegas saying were good isnt a compliment. 99% of bands theres are disco breakdown christians bands, i hate those so thats why its not a compliment to me. thanks for your time :]
Remember The Prom Queen.gp5
Coping With This Disease Original.gp5
Im a Failure, What are you.gp5
No Honor Amongst Thieves.gp5
For all those tl;dr guys out there I can surmise this whole thread in 2 words for you.

Generic metalcore.
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For all those tl;dr guys out there I can surmise this whole thread in 2 words for you.

Generic metalcore.

They're copyrighted? Shit, and I was planning to steal them.
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Kidding with last post.

Remember The Prom Queen: Pretty nice for an intro song. Loved the leads, and the general pace of the song. I really liked how the intro goes building up.

Coping With This Disease: Just what I expected to hear after Remember The Prom Queen. Generic riffs, fast drumming, breakdowns, and I even expected the solo, which is quite appropiate in my opinion. It's overall a good metalcore song, however with nothing new on it. I'd suggest a little more creativity on the drum fills, if any. Those subsequent "high tom to low tom" rolls are getting old. And some guitar fills wouldn't come bad either, I'm not really a fan of using repetition signs over and over again. Some slight variations at the end of every other measure would give the song small dots of freshness.

I'm a Failure, What Are You?: Nice, energetic song. But again, nothing quite new on the verses. I enjoyed the chorus, however. It IS, as expected, another generic chorus where you can expect clean melodic vocals, but it's really good. What I liked about this one is the nice guitar work, great harmonies and energy throughout the song. The breakdown/outro is also really good.

Sentinels: This is the song when generic riffs start getting old. Great lead guitar work on this one, however. The dual guitar solo, though quite short, is quite enjoyable, too. Not much to say of this one, it's a good song, with not many new things when you've listened to the past three.

No Honor Amongst Thieves: The 16th note melodies in the verses tend to get a little monotonous, plus (if my hearing's not mistaken) I hear the lead guitar a little off tune somewhere in the chorus. But the outro solos are simplei magnificent, in my opinion. That's something I had been expecting for the four previous songs, some long epic dual guitar solos. It the most I can stand out of this one.

Overall, as people said above, it's quite generic metalcore, with its cons and pros. I can't really tell if this crit is gonna be useful for you anyway, 'cuz generic as it is, I'm a big metalcore fan. However I can tell you that the guitar work is really good. There's some nice riffs and leads in there, not to mention the solos. The drumwork is also quite really suitable, with some nice fills and beat changes. Breakdowns are there, just like they should. I enjoy when there's lead guitar over a nice breakdown, sounds good. I'm not much of a bass player (I barely checked out the bass scores), but at least it fits in correctly.

I think the key in enjoying 'generic' metalcore is in the small details and fills. Some scaling, guitar or drum fills would fit very well to any of these songs. It helps in breaking that dull moment of the generic riffs repeating over and over again, and it reawakens the interest as a listener. But I think it's quite a solid project, with some screaming and nice clean vocals in the choruses it'd sound awesome. You're good, man. Keep it up.
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That penis guitar. Hell, i'd wank it.

yeah i was expecting bashing, jokes anyways. i never said these were the most innovating/groundbreaking music ever. i also didnt say these werent generic. in fact i actually wanted to hear these suck cause i was tired of hearing theyre were good all the time from people who dont play instruments. so i figred id come here and hear from people who do write/crit music. as for the other people not so much crit but ill take it :]
but for this project alot of the riffs/songs were already there (besides, im a failure)-and by that i mean our bass player wrote alot of the stuff and had it kinda structured. and i knew they were generic as hell but i did what i could. i love metalcore too just not the constant breakdown bands. as far as writing were still young in it. even though we have been playing for years, i would saying all together weve been writing our own stuff for 6 months combined time. like write some stuff a couple days then never ge back to it for another 3-4 months etc. as far as keys and stuff go. weve never been those kinda of guys learning scales, knowing keys to actually make stuff sound good and what not, just merely picking up things from other tabs :p but like i said we have fun with our music and thats all we care about :] so thanks BlackApparatus for crit and you have something for me to crit i'll glady do so.