I'm leaving for college in a week, and I don't know which guitar to bring. Either my stratocaster or mustang =\. I'm going to try and get a hard case that can fit almost any guitar, I need to get one of those anyway being left handed. But I'm not sure which to bring.

I've gotten used to the 24 inch scale on the mustang, so the 25.5 inch feels way too roomy now, but my strat only cost me about 175 dollars so I won't be losing as much financially if it somehow gets stolen.....but who goes for lefty guitars anyways?

Any Advice? I'm also going to bring my Laney 50 watt amp because it's pretty heavy and I don't think a thief would want to lug a 45 pound amplifier out of a dorm room lol

Yeah both. Hell I took three guitars with me to uni
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Just gonna throw it out there, 50 watts might be a little much for a dorm room, even at 1.
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yep i had three guitars at school. and i agree that 50 watts is too much for a dorm room...you should look into a practice amp
take the 'cheaper' one to start. if you want to bring the other later on then do it but i would just bring the cheaper one to feel out the situation better. dorms can get out of hand sometimes.
I play the mustang more, but it also cost me about 500 dollars more than the strat did, maybe I'll do what adambauman31 said, take the strat at first then when I go home in september or october I'll switch the two.
College = ladies = acoustic.

Get a cheap ass acoustic and throw that into the mix.

Experience - 8 years of college and chicks love acoustic guitar guys.

I would take the strat first though, shit gets stolen all the time in dorm rooms.
I had 5 guitars in my dorm room. The more you have, the more impressed the ladies are.
Quote by JustRooster
I had 5 guitars in my dorm room. The more you have, the more impressed the ladies are.

i dunno about that, i think 10-12 may be taking it a bit too far
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Quote by JustRooster
I had 5 guitars in my dorm room. The more you have, the more impressed the ladies are.

And how many were acoustic?

Also, if you can't play Wonderwall you aren't getting any action :-p

Also to the OP, I had a heavy amp in college and it sucks when your dorm doesn't have an elevator and it is moving day. FYI.
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Yeah that's pretty high. We found a shopping cart on the 1st day and used that for moving, it helped out a lot. Also on the 1st day of college we found out that IDs weren't as complicated back in the day and printers were getting pretty advanced. Acoustic is statistically proven to get more girls, but my POS electric and 130W amp were popular enough (used it more as a PA than anything). I didn't know how to play Wonderwall though and suffered because of it.

You going to Michigan?
1st year of college - 3(ish)
I landed my Flying V my first year in college and I brought my Kimaxe with me when I moved in. Later on somebody left a nice acoustic after one of my roommate's parties, so I had to jam on for at least 2 months.

2nd year - 1
When I went back the second year I only took the Flying V. It got pretty old only having one guitar, but was doable depending on how much you played.

3rd year - 2
Brought the Flying V and Dean sent me the AT-3000 while I was living on campus. Having two guitars seemed to be the best mix, it still gave me some variety and wasn't a hassle to keep an eye on two cases underneath your bed.

Also, I highly HIGHLY recommend finding a practice amp to bring with you. You can score used 15w Vypyrs on eBay for under $70 shipped, this is a great college amp and will be plenty loud for playing in your aparment/dorm. That Laney will get you noise complaints anytime you turn it on and it's not going to sound it's best at an acceptable volume.
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I wish lol, I'm going to oakland university and I'm the only person going there from my school that's living on campus lol

I use my amp as speakers too!! It's pretty cool because it can get pretty loud before distorting the sound, and the reverb makes some songs sound really cool

Oh, about the amp, I usually play at "less than one" because my big muff pi makes it even quieter at a lower volume setting on the pedal. My friend says "it's because you're on a solid state". The only practice amp I have is a fender frontman 15g that I mistakenly bought in exchange for my marshall 10watt. Probably my biggest regret :'(......but, if noise is an issue, I have headphones that work with my amp, although sound quality sorta drops when I use them
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I've decided that I'm going to bring my mustang. I really like the strat, but I like the 24 inch scale too much, 25.5 feels too big now lol