Hi everyone,
I do live near Paris, some nice bands are coming there all at the same time, more or less. If I was rich I'd go and see all of them .I did like a selection of the bands that interest me. Of course I can't afford to buy every ticket.
So I want to know your opinion. Which band would you rather see ?

- 5/11 : Hammerfall + Riot + Amaranthe
- 8/11 : Dark Tranquillity + Eluveitie + Varg + Mercenary + Gurd + Omnium Gatherum
- 16/11 : Opeth + Pain Of Salvation
- 23/11 : Machine Head + Hatebreed
- 28/11 : In Flames + Guest Trivum
Id do In Flames and Trivium
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Damn! Opeth, In Flames, and Dark Tranquillity.....that's a hard choice.

You can't go to all three?
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Opeth or In Flames and Trivium.

That's where'd I go, if any bands actually ever came to Lithuania
damn. if that many amazing shows were coming to my area, i'd ***** myself out to pay for all the tickets. personally if I had to choose i'd go with DT and eluveitie, but that's just because a.) i've never seen DT live and b.) eluveitie is awesome.

You can't really lose in a situation like this, regardless of what you pick. They're all killer lineups
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What do you mean by varg? Is he playing anything or is he just going to be ranting about the jews?

Regardless, i'd go to that one.
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Opeth or Machine Head. Ils viennent pas souvent a Paris, ni en France en fait. Alors il faut profiter quoi.

(They don't often come to Paris, or to France for that matter. So, profit from it.)
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I heard Trivium is really good in concert, and am fortunate enough to see them with Dream Theater in October . I'd go with that.
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The first one... just because it says Riot.


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This will start a RIOT! in me
Opeth and Pain of Salvation no question.
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Hard choice. If I was you I'd go with Opeth or the Trivium one.

Trivium may get a lot of flak but they put on a killer show.

EDIT: Ok drunk sorry, did not see that In Flames was the main set.

Still good though, Trivium is a good bonus
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those all sound so awful.

i say go see Varg. and instead of an autograph ask for a stab in the arm as a souvenir.

EDIT: i just remembered that Bobby Jarzombek plays for Riot. so that's a good choice.
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Opeth easily.
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Opeth and Pain of Salvation no question.

This. I am so fucking jelly
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I'd go to In Flames just because Trivium puts on such a good show. In Flames is meh live. Opeth is ****ing great too, but their setlist is really varied, and they don't play a lot of the heavy stuff.
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Opeth and/or Machine Head.
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if only some of the were mixed up...


1.Varg one, + dark tranquility is nice addition
2. id vote opeth, but i really cant get into PoS, so its machine head one, just cuz i liked blackening
3. Opeth
4.in flames (thats what ill be)
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