Im playing American idiot by greenday
wich goed like this:

Title: American Idiot
Artist: Green Day

Main Riff


On the first 444 it sounds all fine,
but when i have to do the next 444 it makes a creaky noise
as if im muting it, or not pressing hard enough, but trust me, i am.
Is this me being a pussy or could it be that the snairs are messed up?
I got this guitar 3 days ago, it was a used one, with used snairs.
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could it be that the snairs are messed up?

Yeah. Troll thread.
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Yeah. Troll thread.

???? Are you talking about my grammar,
Im sorry, not every county in the world can have English as main language.
What do you mean by guitar snair? The guy before was talking about that, because he thought you misspelled "snare", which is short for a snare drum, and obviously the guitar doesn't have one. But about your problem, I can't tell precisely if your guitar has a technical issue or something, but If I were you, I'd go trough the riff slowly and work it out perfectly, so when I speed up I can do it better. That's the best advice I can give you.
by snairs do you mean strings?

and 3 things could be happening here
1 you just started playing and your having trouble playing it thats normal
2 the guitars strings are really old and sound like shite
3the guitars action is too low or the neck is back bowed
Thanks for the normal awnsers.
The action is indeed very very tight, is their anything that can make it bigger?
and the snares do indeed sound a little bit shit, il just replace them i guess, if its a possiblity of getting better

Thanks for the advise people
Il keep trying even thought the action is tight..
Your post is a little hard to read, but it sounds like you have fret buzz (that creaking sound). If the strings are very near the fretboard, try raising the action at the bridge. There are tons of guides all over the internet. There's a massive setup thread somewhere on these forums, otherwise you can just google "adjusting action on electric guitar" or something along those lines.
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