Thanks to Vinni for creating the V-Pick Duet! This pick has a double pointed edge and you literally can hear the difference when playing. It thickens up the sound and provides more attack and bite. It's as though the notes stand out bolder without altering anything else in your gear.

When playing softer stuff, it emulates a 12-string to some degree... a more lush, chorusy sound. With harder rock playing it sounds like a doubler added to the guitar as it brightens the tone with a more edgy quality.

Very nice stuff Vinni!!!!!!!!!!!!
A few things I should add, as I play around with this pick. Depending on how you angle it, you get quite a difference in tone and attack, as though you are adjusting your tone knob. Very sharp to a darker sound is possible with this pick, but while sustaining the fatter sound from the double edge. In most instances I had to reduce the treble a bit because it added sufficient mids and brightness automatically.