i need some help in getting a better tone. i have a jackson RR3 with EMG 81/85 pickups, a jackson Sl3 soloist with stock Seymour Duncan PU's, and an ibanez RG 7321 with stock ibanez PU's. the amp im using Epiphone Triggerman DS 60, but i know i need a new amp. i want a clear, distorted metal sound that i can easily boost for a solo. i play in a lot of different tunings so i need a good sound for low chugs and higher standard tuned songs. i want to have enough volume to play live again eventually, but for now i just want to work on my tone. are there any suggestions?

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this....and in the mean time look into the carvin v3 or v3m. also

home or gig

used or new

nearest major city

specific sounds your going after.

this will make your buying journey all the more clearer
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good guitar tone... that illusive mistress...
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good guitar tone... that illusive mistress...

and the budget doesnt really matter, im saving the money, and im not buying anything until i get something that i won't get tired of in 2 years. like i said, im just putting some songs together on my own until i get another band together, and then i'll be playing gigs. i need a good versatile distortion, good for 80's metal, but with enough room to pull a good deathmetal/deathcore sound. i live in columbia SC, so i guess im in the closest major city....
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I've never been a fan of the Marshall JCM line. They're really inconsistent. I had 3 and none of them sounded great. But that's just the risk you take. Out of 10, 7 might suck, 1 might be so so, 1 good and 1 awesome. I got tired of looking after my third and went with a Krank Revolution. It served me well until the end of my gigging days. Kind of more for distortion than clean though. It's a beast at 100W though. Mine was a first gen, which I was told was 100W at the store. I know the newer ones are 120W.

I've heard a lot of good about Engl amps. If you like older metal, I hear the Blackmore signature amp is great for old metal. With a good pedal in front of that, you could easily hit even higher gain. But having never played one, I couldn't tell you how much gain they have on tap. I'm assuming if it's more for 80's type stuff, it's not going to be super insanely saturated. But they make others like the Fireball and Powerball. Blackstar would be another to check out. They're good for metal. They're essentially Marshalls on steroids. 3 head engineers started that after Marshall wouldn't let them do new stuff with amps.

Mesa I don't know much about. They seem to be a standard for metal, but I hear a lot from both sides. I don't know what to make of them and with no firsthand experience maybe someone else can fill you in. But they can't be all bad.

Another thing that you might look into is EMG's accessories. They are a very easy product to expand on. They offer boost and other things you can tie in with your existing pickups for more tonal variety.
im really into EMG and all of their products. im probably going to replace all my pups with EMG's, but i never took a look at any of their accessories. the marshall JCM's were what i was going to go for, but i wanted some outside advice. im not really looking for an 80's sound, think bands like Whitechapel, After the Burial, Black Dahlia Murder, or Rose Funeral. If you know anything about those bands, you'll know that that is a HUGE range of tones, but im looking for something that will sound good in all those styles.
I know BDM at one point used Kranks. Kranks are sweet, but pretty pricey. They do have those smaller 20 and 50W heads now though. Both get good reviews and might be worth looking into.