This is something I've been working on for the last few hours, just wondering what people think of it so far.

It's just basically really upbeat sounding BTBAM influenced metalcore, haha.

Thanks for any feedback, I'll be happy to crit back on anything of yours.

Updates: Bass outli nemostly done for what's there, small section added.
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Please check it out? ;D

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It was pretty good overall and it most certainly was happy.

I think that the thing I missed most from the song was the use of any accidentals or any deviation from that one scale. Around the middle I started to lose interest because nothing really stuck out. I think that's because of the lack of non-diatonic notes or shifts in the tonal center.

There was a decent amount of variations in the riffs and rhythms so that was okay.

No need for a return crit since this wasn't very detailed.
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