I'm going to replace pickups one of my guitars. It is a Pignose strat copy.
I already have a fender strat with Vintage Noiseless pupsm, TBX Tone Control and a Mid Boost system.

So I'm think about putting LaceSensor Gold, Silver and Red in my new strat. Gold-Neck/Silver-Mid/Red-Bridge. What do u guys think of that config?

I know red is pretty Hot. Not sure bout silver. and gold isn't hot.
I play guitar.
this question, would honestly be better left to the people at lace themselves.

call them up, let them know what you are thinking, and what kind of styles you like to play, and what you are dissatisfied with about your current pickups.
Check out the axerus.com website, its got a section on pups with a great selection of clips for lace sensors.

I only wish i could afford a set!!!
I assure you its brilliant!