I currently have a cheapo Ibanez:

It's cheap but I like the feel of it. This particular Ibanez is known for it's amazing neck(at that price range). But it is still cheap so it loses tune and could sound better. I was reading reviews on it and several people said that they kept it because it's so comfortable and they upgraded the pickups instead. I would also get new tuners since mine are slipping a bit.

What do you guys think about this? Worth it or should I just get a new(or used) guitar?
I did this with my old Fender American Traditional. I put on it some great pickups and its awsome but it's all because is made of nice woods. Some time you upgrade a very cheap guitar and you lost your money. Try a couple of other guitars in a store, if you fall in love...change the guitar if not upgrade
Imo, if you like the feel and feel comfortable with your ax, just upgrade pick ups, maybe tuning keys and a better bridge so you don't keep going out of tune. Also check your restringing method, most of the times that's the culprit of going out of tune. Tons of huge artists use the shittiest guitar imaginable. If you love it keep it. Just give it some more love!
Idk about this series but have a look to see if Ibanez do a better version of this guitar.
If you like the guitar and think it's a keeper, first upgrade the nut/tuners/electrics as needed. Pickups should be last in line - get the guts of it solid first as pups can be swapped out forever.
i would think about getting a better guitar. that Ibby is pretty much bottom of the line and spending more than the guitar is worth upgrading it doesn't seem worth the effort.
Thanks for all the advice guys. I've decided to get a new Ax when I've saved enough to get a really nice once. Looking at Schecters right now since my favorite guitarist plays them(Gates). I know that's not a good reason to pick an ax but I don't know much about that various brands quality etc. I hadn't even heard of Schecter till lately. But I play metal and they seem to make a nice metal guitar. So I will just keep my own till I can afford a Schecter(or maybe a different guitar if I find one used that I really like).
Unless you can afford a top quality shecter... better go to other brand mate trust me. Upgrade a save for a sweet thing
I haven't played one of those, but I'd imagine it feels like an Artist? If so, I say screw the Schecter, get an Artist that suites you and upgrade that later if you desire.
Trust me. Get the schecter. You will not regret it. There is a reason Syn chose schecter.
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I still think you should stick with your old axe if you like it. Replacing the tuners is cheap and easy, and will add a ton of stability to your guitar.
Quote by epiphone316
Trust me. Get the schecter. You will not regret it. There is a reason Syn chose schecter.

yea, probably/mostly because of a check.

i am not saying anything bad about schecter here, but i am just saying, the gear world and artist endorsements are more business than artist preferences.

i don't claim to be an expert, but i was friends with a band that played opened for trivium, and i was talking to matt at a show at HOB orlando a long time ago when he switched to the dean razorback, and i asked him why he went to dean (i am sure he did it to in respect of dime's murder as well), but it was because of a check.

you can believe me or not or harass me, but thats it right there.
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