Hey guys, I recently got the Eleven Rack and Pro Tools. This is the first thing I've recorded using either system and I wanted your opinions! Crit for crit as usual

here's the link: http://soundcloud.com/chrisatgrace/two-prisoners

edit: so soundcloud has been acting fishy, and the song is now on my profile if you want to listen to it there: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/chrisatgrace/music/all/play1037457
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Very nice. Its very clear. Your vocals are very impressive, the double tracking fit perfectly. The guitar started out awesome and it just built perfectly. I was very excited when the distorted guitar came in. This is an awesome piece!!! Great Job

Would you please take a look at my song please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1470289
The lead guitar sounds very Zeppelinish. Your vocals are good but I felt that they were too saturated with reverb.

The distorted guitar was pretty underwhelming. It doesn't have a bad sound, but it overpowers everything and doesn't add any energy in the track. The drums were basically nonexistent too. Turn up the drums, turn down the guitars.

Hope this helps

Thanks guys, I just got home from work, so I'll crit you after I sleep!
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Love the groove ! the guitar playing is nice but to be honest... i like the singing even better !!!

the guitar part starting @ 1.48 sounds a bit too distorted for my taste...
The lead playing is also nice and the tone fits the song better that the one stated above.

overall: i enjoyed your song very much !

I made a funky/blues jam 'kinda' similar to yours, and i would love to hear some feedback from a funky kinda guy like you :P


Pretty cool, but the mix as a whole lacks punch. Make the bass and kick more prominent, that should help. The vocals are excellent, there's nothing to critique here, they fit the music nicely and overall are masterfully recorded. You've got a nice rhythm going on throughout the song, I like that. The solo itself was pretty generic but it works, same goes for the tone. The guitar during the chorus feels like it should have more presence, but that may be just me. Overall, I really enjoyed it, keep it up!
Thanks guys!

Creeping Death: Thanks that's really good advice for the mixing. As far as the soloing goes, it's never been my strongsuit, and I'm more of a writer I guess.

Sean: Yeah axe-fx is cool, but it's also like 1400 dollars more, and not a protools interface I'm digging the elevenrack so far!
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Sorry it's taken so long to return the crit! Been too busy for my own good as usual.

Listening on headphones as well, in case that makes a difference;

Very funky RHCP sound and I dig it. I also have to say I find myself NOT having to tell someone to change the vocal track in anyway. everything works there - perfect level, reverb and harmonies don't sound clashy or over the top in anyway. The tone for the guitar is fine as well as the bass - I'm liking the panning of the counter-melody at the solo.

This is a really catchy song dude, definitely going to favourite this one, production is more or less flawless.
Pretty good vocals dude!
I loved the guitar riff that plays all along the song... The song fits so well with your voice.
Nice use of flangers. (Are those flangers? lol)
Is the drum track real? or did you use some software for doing them?
I liked a lot! Great sound indeed.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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I've just listened to your track, and I'm pretty amazed! I liked it. The song is very catchy, and my opinion will match with others' that the vocals was the most amazing part of the track, well performed and processed as well (I especially like that subtle reverb effect on it).
Well, I can hardly find any critique to add about it, anyway there has been already many people criting your song and providing you good advices to improve your sound, so I'll just thumb up!
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well...everything has already been said.Still ill blabber.
nice pipes dude,you are all set on the vocal front.no need to comment anything there.
spot on harmonies,loved the solo-goes well with the song;the main riff has a lot of rhcp feel to it.
all in all a good song,definitely something to build up on.
Hey Chrisatgrace! Thanks for dropping by and listening to our song! Yeah unfortunately my friend was coming off a sickness, but he wasn't healing up and we were pretty eager to get our stuff up and viewed, so we were hasty with the vocals. That's why it was a tiny bit out of key on some parts.

But I checked out your "Two Prisoners" and I must say that I'm very impressed. It's not my style of music in terms of way the vocals sound, but it definitely fits with the "funky" way the rest of the instruments play! Nothing really stands out for improvement, but we can always improve. Just continue doing what you're doing and you guys will continue to do well

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Guitar and Drums work really well together and seems really well mixed! Love the vocal harmonies and the lyrics! Feel as though it could do with a bit more power from the guitar though...the track feels as though its just lacking something...

Other than that I really enjoyed it and will be checking back for more!

Pretty good man, I cant get a sound even close to that clear :/ the vocals are superb but they linger a bit(too much reverb?) The song structure, the execution, the vocals and the solo were perfect. Honestly, I don't know how you could make it better :P Definatly can hear the Chilli peppers in this song a bit, and I dont know why but morcheeba a bit too lol. Diggin the vibe, good work!

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