I tried an Epiphone Strat from the '80s this morning at Guitar Center and fell absolutely in love with it. The feel of the guitar was just so smooth. The action was perfect and there was no fret buzz. The price point was incredible ($149). The tremolo wasn't great, but I've never used one anyway. Is that the guitar's Achilles heel? I always hear negative things about these guitars but I can't say I know why after playing that one.
nothing wrong with them they weren't bad for the price at the time. the trem like on most cheapies will need a fair amount of set up work but can be made to stay in tune fairly well as long as you don't go nuts.
if you liked it then that's really all that counts, tbh. you'll hear negative things about everything if you know where to look

the trem probably needs to be set up properly in order to work properly.
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