The title says it all,
The bridge pickup failed to produce his beloved sound this evening. The only sound my amp produces when the bridge is selected, is a strange crackling noise. Only if I turn the amp's volume up to 100 I can hear the sound of the guitar and then not very clearly.
The guitar is an Epiphone les paul and I have no idea what kind the pickups are.
The neck pickup works perfectly and i checked the wires from the buttons and stuff, no disconnections. I haven't checked the pickups because I'm no expert so I'm afraid that i can ruin it more, if not it already is ruined
I hope you guys can help me!
This is almost certainly a simple case of a wire coming off / unsoldered / dry joint / fauuty switch / whatever - (check again, give each wire a little tug, go round and re-solder the joints) and a guitar tech should take all of half an hour to fix. You can measure the resistance the pick-up if you like - should be a few 100 ohms but they very seldom fail.
Oke, thanks, ill open up everything and check it again. Ill post some updates when I know more
If it is all original then it is probably just a bad switch. Epiphone has some issues with them not lasting. Check your control cavity for loose wires first, and if that all checks out then I would just change out the switch. As long as you can solder it should be cheap and easy.
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