So this might be a really dumb question, but do pick guards have like a plastic...adhesive on them that should be removed? I've been playing for a few months, and where I strum most, the pickguard seems to have a clear coating peeling back from it in some spots. I dont' want to remove this if I shouldn't....but would rather remove it than leave it if they're supposed to be removed. Thanks
don't have acoustic but it's pretty normal on all shiny parts of electric guitars (pickguard, covers of electronics, etc.)
Yeah man, sounds like its just a plastic cover from the factory that you're supposed to remove. The pickguard on most electric guitars comes with one, i always just pulled it off.
What possible harm would it do to remove it?

The whole point of the pickguard is to get scratched up, so why would it matter if you took off the plastic?
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yeah you guys are probably right, and I figured it wouldn't really do it any harm I just wasn't sure if it was supposed to be removed or not. It's actually my brothers guitar (that he never played much) that i'm borrowing until I can afford my own and he gave me specific instructions about not messing it up. So I was just curious...
almost every guitar i've bought has a clear saran wrap-like protected on the pickguard that is meant to be removed by the owner. sounds like that's what you're talking about.
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FYI, that clear plastic sheet will also be found on other plastic parts on guitars as well as the pickguard. Look at the truss rod cover for one, and on a/e guitars, some have other covers also that might have it. It's there to protect the glossy finish until the guitar is purchased, then is to be removed. It should be removed too, since it seems to become one with the plastic if left there too long, like a couple of years. It can be still taken off, but with more difficulty and scratches might occur at this point. Best to get rid of it right away and enjoy the guitar as it was meant to look.
Thanks for the info guys!

LeftyDave- yeah at this point it seems to nearly be "one" with the pickguard now which is why i was even apprehensive about it to begin with. I'll go ahead and remove it today though.