Any shoegazing guitar players here? I'm really interested in how you can make the sounds at 0:40 with guitar . Thanks for reply

Here is the song.

My guess is some reverb and pitch-bending, but I am pretty much clueless. (it IS actually guitar!)
Like you said, lots of reverb and delay. Pitch shift. Volume pedal too for the smooth ins and out sound or it could be the tone knob. A lot of gain too. There might be a bit of chorus in it too, but only a little. The rest of the settings are pretty much maxed.
Thanks! I'm going to visit a friend with whammy pedal in 2 days, so I would be really happy to be able to play this. Could you give me any info what whammy setting and what chord is probably used there?
bump, I didnt succeed at making the sounds with his whammy and reverb after hour with it. Would anyone be able to tell me what chord is used there?