Hello i have a bit of money spare and obviously Christmas heading soon and planning on getting an amp but was thinking i would like some decent pickups(single coil preferably) for my strat copy because i have a new metal guitar but feel as if my strat is a waste as it is not doing anything so i would like to get some nice pickups so i want to play it any suggestions for any???? ( I've heard the quarter pounder pick ups aren't bad) and I play metal and no real budget...... Suggestions ???????????
Lace Sensor's. if you want to retain a vintage strat sound go with the Gold+ set if you want something with more ass kicking potential (but still strat sounding) get the red,silver,blue set. they also have a variety of pups geared toward different soud that can be bought individually (more expensive but offers more customization).
Seymour duncan "everything axe" set!
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I'm sorry but saying "I play metal" isn't much to go on in terms of pickups. 80's metal? thrash? deathcore? black metal? saying "metal" gives about as a good an idea of what you're looking for as saying "I play rock."

As for suggestions Air Norton S are extremely versatile for styles of harder rock and metal.