Hey guys, I am having difficulty getting a new crunch tone for my Roadster at low volumes (bedroom levels). When I jam with my band, I can really easily get a nice crunch but at low volumes, even with my tubescreamer, I just can't get a nice crunch tone.

Can you guys give me some advice on how to EQ at low volumes?
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Rectifiers were never meant to be a great bedroom amp and they'll never achieve their best stage tones at low volumes.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to turn down the tone pot on your guitar. I'll warm up your tone and reduce the trebly "fizz" you get at low volumes.
you kinda have to redo everything when you change the volume more than a little. for starters you'll have to redo your gain settings. tweak your tone controls according to your ears as higher volumes will bring out some frequencies more than at lower volumes. as mentioned that amp isn't meant to be quiet.