Went to the music store today and played around with the Egnater Tweaker 112 15W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp.

I liked what I heard, but would be interested in others who own or have owned this and can comment on what you liked or disliked about it after spending some time playing with it.

Thanks for your comments!
would prefer the tweaker 40 for two channels and mid cut, it has a lot of bass for chugging through a 2x12, good versatility
I have one. I use it on the clean settings and get all my dirt from pedals. The FX loop is a little hot for pedals, but there is a simple mod for it.
I had the 15w head version of it (ran it through an Orange 2x12), and I ended up taking it back and exchanging for the Tiny Terror. The Tweaker just didn't have enough gain for me. It did have a pretty nice variety of tones I was able to get though, especially clean. Fairly good distortion out of it, but just not enough for what I wanted. (I know thats not the point of the Tweaker, it was just my personal preference.)

I honestly just exchanged for the Tiny Terror because it simply felt more fun to play through than the Tweaker. And that's what I wanted.
I just bought a Tweaker 40 combo and I am amazed by the tone options and the volume is what I was looking for I highly recommend it for a bar/club gigging musician. I am getting older and lugging a Mesa rectifier 2x12 and Bugera v55 head was becoming quite a chore. If you are miking everything and we are there is no need to have a half stack or heavy equipment although the Mesa/Bugera set up sounded great but this 40 lb combo is a monster in tone, tightness and volume. I am playing classic rock and need the clean and dirty channel settings and use a boost pedal for solos.
I have egperienced several of the Egnaters and I think they are an egceptional value. I egspecially like the the Tweaker and the Renegade. They are egonomical and egciting to play.

If you are looking for a new amp there is also a Sticky that may help.
I hated it when I owned it. I tried it several times afterwards at gc and concluded that I did not make the wrong choice.

To me it was much like owning a modeling amp. You are excited at first with all the options and "versatility", but soon find one or two sounds you would actually use. In which case you could find another amp that does it much better. Plus the voicings are just eq tricks which could be done much better with an actual eq pedal.

The hot channel is really muffled and I found it useless. But you can get some pretty good sounds on the clean setting.