Hey guys, after weeks of searching I still havent found a good answer. I have the line 6 UX2 with pod farm 2.5 and I just cant get a good clean sound out of it. I have a Line 6 spider valve 112 that I can get to sound absolutly wonderful but I'm havinf trouble recording it. I've disconnected the speaker of the amp and ran a cable from the amp to the input of the UX2 but I still cant get a good sound. Do I have to also set up a preset in POD Farm? Do I just add a cab in pod farm? or can I just use the dry sound? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I just hope this is in the right section :P Thanks in advance!
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If you used the actual speaker output its gonna sound bad. Don't know what kinda outs that amp has, and I'm to lazy to google the info at the moment, but what you would want to use is called a pre-amp out. It also looks like a speaker jack.
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Oh yeah, don't forget while using that signal you will want to plug into a line-in on your interface and not an instrument jack, and don't forget to set your interface to use the line-in instead of the instrument jack or else you will likely get no sound and be all "wtf?!"
Guitars are like my babies... except without that useless baby meat...
haha thanks dude I finally got it to work, you still dont get the quality of the celestion speakers but its a big improvement
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
I find the cleans on PodFarm are just pretty bad in general. I've been using PodFarm for years and have tweaked extensively but I can never get a good sparkly clean tone.

EDIT: Wait so you're not using podfarm just the UX2 as an interface?
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