Hi, guys

this is my second composition, called "Catirina's Wish". It's a mix of metal and 'bumba-meu-boi', a popular rhythm developed in Maranhão-Brazil (my country). Hope you enjoy it!

Hear here -> SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/stalingrado/ruan-cruz-catirinas-wish/

If you like it, check my another composition, "A Voyage to the Crazy Island":


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so i listened to your other songs, and i really dig the latin influence in your compositions. its not really my style, but i appreciate the musicianship! nicely done.
Being a fan of film music as well as metal this is right up my street. Your lead playing is very fluid and melodic. The music is powerful and has an excellent impact because of the well-thought out harmonisation. The only thing I didn't like is the vibrato on the synth melody at 1:36. Overall definitely in the top bracket of compositions on UG.
Like the intro straight away, interesting rhythm and the production is also very good. Like how it goes to different feel after a minute or so. Very nice mix of sounds, fairly original and different which is good. Fantastic lead playing! Everything is very tight. Well structured piece, ending is cool too. That's excellent, nothing I reall dislike about it.