Earlier this week I put .11s onto my guitar going from .10s and I have noticed that my bridge has been raised considerably by this change. I added another tremolo spring to my guitar, which now makes four, and I also tightened the screws to get the bridge to go down. Only problem is, the previous owner of the guitar replaced or did something to the screws which makes me very nervous when I'm tightening them.
I don't want my guitar to break, so I'm looking for alternatives to combat my raised bridge and the odd string angle I am getting in relation to the neck (the strings and neck are not parallel). Can I get some suggestions? I really don't want to test my luck with tightening the screws.
make sure you adjust your truss rod whenever changing string gauge. if you tighten your truss rod the neck should straighten out a bit, but thats not going to make it so you dont have to adjust your bridge. you always want your bridge to be flat with your body so if you dont want to wreck your guitar id say take in to your local shop and ask them to do it for you.
between the extra spring and the larger guage of string you have to much tension on the bridege which is what is pulling it forward. you need to move the claw (the thing the springs are attached to) forward a bit to relieve some of the tension. as mentioned a proper set up is needed when changing string gauges.