I can't see why not. Just take speaker cable from back of head and put in input of cab.
Whatever cabinet you plug in, make sure it has the proper resistance. You can probably look up the specs to any amp online. If the cabinet isn't marked, check the resistance with a meter.
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Ok, would I be able to run this cab http://reading.craigslist.org/msg/2534188987.html . With this amp http://www.fredsmusic.com/v/vspfiles/photos/PEAVK100HD-2T.gif . And would I be able to eventually run a second cab using this set up. and how would i set up all of this

Yes this will be fine (ish).
Just one or two things to think about.
With old Marshall cabs its best to have the back off and see what is actually in there, and how its wired. It should have 4 x 16 ohm speakers so you can make it 4ohm or 16 ohm, but this cab normally has a selection panel for this (and also stereo, 8 ohm each channel).
The amp will have a impedance selector so you should be able to match one or two cabs. Set both can and amp on 16 ohms. Add another 16 ohm cab and change the amp to 8 ohms output.
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