This is a long one so be prepared.

Hey guys finally got a sweet cab (Mesa 4x12 rectifier cab for $400) and now I'm working on building my pedalboard. I've been borrowing pedals from people but I want to build up my own board now. This is a list of pedals that I actually own:

1. TC Polytune
2. Fulltone OCD
3. Ernie Ball VP JR

So here's the deal; I basically want to build a board to play shows with that will have the necessities. Only stuff that I will use live. Here's what I plan to buy/use.

1. A pedaltrain pedal board
2. Some sort of power supply (probably the Voodoo Lab PP2+)
3. George L Cables or similar
4. a good delay (Boss DD20 or TC Nova Delay. IT MUST HAVE DOTTED 1/8)
5. A pog (or micropog) or something similar
6. A Boss harmonist or Digitech Whammy (for the harmony feature not so much the dive bomb feature)
7. Noise Gate (ISP decimator?)
8. A wireless (line 6 relay)

The first step will be acquiring all of these things (over time) but I can't decide between things. Can you guys help me out deciding what pedals to get? I'm not a super huge tone purist so I won't freak out if a pedal isn't true bypass.

Second thing is will I have enough power? I want to everything above including the wireless to be on the board and be powered. I'm not good with the whole technical specs of power. All I know is to match the voltage. If you guys could help me find a power source to power the pedals and the wireless that would be great. NOTE: I want all cables to be routed underneath and I want everything to be neat. And I'm not a fan of wall warts or adapters.

Also to go with the subject of power, will I be able to power certain pedals? I know that the Nova Delay is 12v but the DD20 is 9v so would it be better to go with the DD20 if I'm using the PP2+? Again I don't want to use any adapters or wall warts as I will be mounting the power supply underneath the board.

Another thing is will I really have to use the effects loop on my amp? The only things I can see being used in the loop are the delay and noise gate (would you use the noise gate in the loop?). If I could avoid using the loop that would be great as I really don't want a whole bunch of cables running from my board to the amp. Would a true bypass looper help or be worth using? I use a pretty high gain head so would this screw up the delay at all?

If you've made it this far down I congratulate you for putting up with my stupid questions. But I also have some info that might help.

1. I play a tele into a Marshall DSL50 and a Mesa Rectifier Cab
2. I play lead guitar in a pop punk/powerpop/pop rock band.
3. My band gigs regularly

Thanks guys. I hope you can help!
Honestly bro, you got everything you mostly need for a pop/punk band.
I had a dsl50, and ran it through with a piece of wood pedalboard w/ velcro & a 1 spot.
( But I suggest if you want to keep things neat, pedaltrain pt-1 or 2, ( you can wire everything underneath )

Simplicity is better, that way there is less things to happen.
(Just check out Josh Farro's rig Paramore's guitarist )

On the delays, I'm sure the pp2 would power both nova, and dd20.
You can use the fx loop for timed-based stuff like delays/flangers/reverbs.

I liked having just the clean setup from input into my board, and out to my guitar.
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I'm actually doing what you did right now. Again I'm trying to keep it to only the necessities. I really am trying to be as simple as possible.
honestly i would go with a TC G maj 2 or something. with that, you have patches that you can switch with a floor controller, its got an awesome intelegent harmonizer in it, tracks better than any harmonizer i have ever heard (haven't heard much AxwFx's yet, so maybe second best???). the effects are all pretty good, you get awesome delay.

that is what i would do, but again i use stomp boxes atm.

so just thought i would thrwo that out there.
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Gmajor 2 would require a midi cotrolleer, and is only practical if he can do all his amp switching off the gmaor2/midi board
I really don't want to mess with MIDI or anything like that. Just wanna have my guitar, the board, and the amp.
go pedalboard then, otherwise youd need to make effects presets and program them and amp channels to the controller
Ok so I've made up my mind on the pedals. I'm shooting for the DD-20, MicroPog, the Boss PS-6, ISP Decimator, and the Line 6 Relay 50. Now for the unanswered questions. Will I have enough power with the PP2? And will I need to really use the effects loop? I head Boss pedals sound really bad in the loop.